The Coronavirus Pandemic and Corporate Training

Coronavirus reported cases have risen rapidly in the period of a few months and COVID-19 has evolved from patient-zero to now a pandemic. Millions are quarantined and hundreds of cities are completely locked down. The deadly outbreak has left countries around the globe counting costs. Business owners are staggered at the big shifts in the […]

5 Tips For A Successful Online Teaching Session Amid Corona Virus Closure

With the increasing risk of Coronavirus and the rising number of sufferers, educational departments around the world are hustling to shift their classes online. Many tier institutions in Pakistan including NUST, Bahira University, Roots IVY have moved to virtual learning in response to the coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan. Pakistani educational institutes have been increasingly used […]

The Correct Instructional Design Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Just like every industry has its way of dealing with organizational and development challenges, the instructional design processes also vary. Some L&D departments prefer linear processes while others go for iterative. These choices differ due to many factors including Training requirements, available authoring tools, budget and time, etc. No matter what instructional design process is […]

5 Graphic Design Principles For Boosting Learner’s Engagement

Graphic design and Instructional design are closely related. This is why our team of instructional designers have gathered the 5 most important Graphic design principles you must know before designing an eLearning course for your learners. 1. Typography: Typography, its everywhere we look, in the books we read, on the websites we visit. Even in […]

Best eLearning Authoring Tools-Updated 2020

As the eLearning industry evolved, so did the tools required to deliver it. eLearning tools and delivery methods have expanded surprisingly since the 2000s and are not limited delivery by post and correspondence with tutors via mail. Whether you’re new to the world of authoring tools or in the market looking to upgrade, we’ve organized […]

The Psychology of Colors and Instructional design – How to use Colors to Enhance eLearning?

Are colors even related to learner’s Engagement? Well, According to famous color psychology theories, yes. Color is important to visual experience. That’s why color selection in eLearning is a vital element of successful design. When designing training and eLearning materials, the colors you utilize can make a big impact on how the material is received, […]

Cognitive Ability Assessments-The Key to Successful Hiring

Relying on your gut instincts to onboard new employees does not work anymore. The Hiring managers are intermittently deceived and misinterpreted by the candidates. The job titles and responsibilities are slightly well, significantly enhanced and exaggerated. Details about jumping from one job to another are often omitted. This process of deceit results in perfectly conducted […]


Imagine going back to work after a great weekend and finding out that your potential seller has canceled the offer to purchase after months of negotiations. How would you react? Would you burst out in anger or would you think calmly about what actually went off beam? While most of us would likely choose to […]

Emotifi™: Game-based Assessments to evaluate Emotional Intelligence (EI)

“You can’t just suggest an emotion and assume the player will feel it.”- David Freeman Despite of the occupation, business or job level, everyone recognizes that understanding their own and other people’s emotions and using emotions to settle problems is a practical skill across many fields of life. EI is integral in the workplace where […]

Everything You Need To know About Game-Based Assessments

In the world of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automation, Game-based assessments are not a new term for many of us. Countless organizations are gamifying their traditional corporate training and using game-based assessments to attract talent as well. Where traditional tests can feel boring, long and stressful, games are thought of as something exciting and […]

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