5 Stages To Create a Rapid eLearning Course

In today’s fast-paced world, upskilling your workforce is preconditioned for competing. Gone are the days when taking your employees for training once a year was enough. Today’s market expects employees to be trained with new skills at a much faster rate. With the crippling economy and dwindling budget, the Learning and development department of every […]

It’s Finally Here! We’re Super Excited To Show off Our New Website!

Zillion eLearning proudly announces the launch of our brand-new website which is harmonized with our global expansion as the best eLearning solution provider to more than 120 organizations. Our new website is updated with a new user-friendly interface, effective navigations, clean design and provides our visitors with the ease of accessing the most relevant information […]

5 Must Have Features you should look for in an LMS (Learning Management System)

What is an LMS? If you are associated with the eLearning industry or even managing a corporate sector, the term LMS might not be new to you. Whether it is a small business or a large enterprise, it is extremely crucial to learn about LMS before you are transferring your traditional corporate trainings to online […]

Increase in Drop-out Rate in eLearning Training Courses and How to Cut it Down?

Companies decided to use means of online training in the early 2000s to increase the skills-set of their new employees and today the eLearning industry is exploding more than it ever did before. The convenience and flexibility of being able to be educated anywhere anytime makes it easier for the employees to not just excel […]


New office expansion enables Zillion eLearning to accelerate growth by offering Learning Solutions (E-learning, Blended Learning, Instructor-led Training) Karachi, Pakistan – September 2, 2019 – Zillion eLearning, first-of-its-kind Blended Learning Solutions provider, recently opened a new office in Karachi, Pakistan to accommodate its rapid growth and leverage the area’s diverse demand of customized eLearning solutions. In addition to […]

4 Ways To Incorporate Gamification In E-Learning

Integrating gamification in eLearning and workplace is not a concept many of us would be unfamiliar with, yet only 61% of the learners come by with gamification in corporate training courses and 43% of employees still have never experienced any gamification at the workplace. According to Karl Kapp, a gamification expert Gamification does have great […]

4 Ways To Improve Corporate Training ROI With eLearning Solutions?

Return on Investment (ROI) is a business measure to regulate the success of an enterprise in financial terms. Though the formula of measuring ROI is quite easy and so is its methodology but measuring ROI in corporate training is not as easy as it sounds. Our team of experienced e-learning content developers have gathered some […]

Challenges with Corporate Training Programs & How to Overcome Them?

eLearning is the new talk of the town and is being adopted by every corporate sector for greater productivity and imparting new skills among their employees. However even with the latest technologies and the convenience of learning from any where and any time, there are still some roadblocks and challenges the learners and corporate learning […]

Benefits of adopting Blended Learning Approach at work

What is the Blended training approach? As the name of the training suggests, in blended training approach learners are educated with both online media and a traditional classroom along with a facilitator. It is the blend of online learning and face-to-face interaction adopted by most organizations and learners these days. Benefits of Blended Learning Approach […]

How Does An Online LMS System Help To Boost Learner Engagement?

In the world where we are surrounded by the overflow of training material and learning content, it is extremely crucial to ensure that the learner is not just absorbing the knowledge but also digesting it with curiosity and passion. Most of the corporate and educational institutes choose online learning management systems to achieve the aforementioned […]

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